D, Dal

What is your role at B&B?
I am B&B’s Holistic Nutritionist. I provide Andrea with the knowledge and guidance on healthy options for B&B treats, and in addition I am here for any questions of concerns about health and nutrition.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Honest, Organized, and Optimistic

Zodiac Sign

 Family is a huge part of what I do. Teaching clients about proper nutrition is something I hope they will pass on to their loved ones and promote healthy habits to everyone around them. I love creating recipes and having my family test them out because I know they will always be honest with me so that before I recommend something to a client I know my family already loves it.

Right handed/Left handed
Right handed; how basic

Most played song
The songs I play most in the gym and while I am cooking need to get me excited and inspire ,e so any song by Jay-Z or Kanye West does that for me…You know that quote that says “I’m the girl who listens to gangster rap on the way to the farmer’s market after my yoga class” that’s totally me!

Favourite colour(s)?
I love colours that remind me of the ocean and beach so I tend to be attracted to light greens, aquas, and blues. But if I had to pick a favourite, its not a colour but white is my go to colour for everything. I love how clean it is and to me it represents honesty and simplicity which are two things a Nutritionist should always be. 

Do you have any pets?
I actually have 3 dogs! They don’t all live with me, but I consider them “my” dogs since I still feed, clean, and care for them! Gunner is a 3 years old German Shepard, Beckham is a 10 years old Maltese, and Nero is an 8 years old Shih Tzu.

If you had to eat one item for the rest of your life in the Bones & Bonbons menu, what would it be?
For the rest of my life?! Oh man, thats a hard question but if I had to pick one item it would be the Gourmet Cupcakes.

Favourite cupcake topping?
That’s easy! My favourite topping is toasted coconut flakes, I never get sick of coconut.

What treat would you recommend to a first time customer?
People: French macarons for you to enjoy!
Dogs: Salmon & Sweet Potato Wholesome Treats for your furry friends