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Bones: Treats for your pooch!
Bonbons: Treats for you!

Owner and Co-Founder, Andrea Salva was facing a difficult chapter in life and found love and compassion in a new family member, her Maltese/Yorkie dog named Bella. Bella soon became the best part of Andrea’s days, the sunshine through the gloom. Upon first receiving Bella, it didn’t take long to discover Bella had multiple food allergies and sensitivities which resulted in her becoming very ill. Andrea frequented the vet and underwent a lot of research on the topic of proper nutrition. Noticing there was a lack in quality pet food and treats Andrea decided to solve the problem and bake Bella nutritious and delicious treats within her own kitchen.



Andrea quickly began to recover and grow from her challenging chapter by baking for not only Bella, but her family and friends. Andrea’s best friend and co-founder, Renée often joined her in the kitchen to prepare delicious treats and not long after Bones & Bonbons was born.


“We wanted to create a place where the whole family can share a treat. Bones & Bonbons was created for humans and their beloved pets to enjoy healthy and delicious treats in one stop. ”

Andrea Salva, Owner


I’m sure we can all agree our furry friends are more “family” than they are pets, making Bones & Bonbons the ideal place to pick up a treat for your four-legged family members and of course, one for yourself. In the future Andrea aspires to open up a dog friendly café/bakery in her home province of Ontario, Canada. For now, humans can order dog treats online and also get their human treats (gourmet cupcakes, macarons, éclairs, & more) catered.
Developing all-natural recipes with quality, grain-free ingredients granted Andrea a significant purpose and passion in life which has driven Bones & Bonbons to become an exclusive entry into the pet food marketplace.


Our Mission

To provide all-natural, artisanal baked treats of the highest quality with you and your family in mind. We are passionate about creating a culture of kindness and integrity, while respecting the rights of animals and supporting other local small businesses.

Giving Back 

Bones & Bonbons is highly passionate in regards to the welfare of other animals. Knowing some animals are not as fortunate to have a home, each bag of dog treats sold contributes to helping animals in need. $1 of each sale goes directly to the Toronto Humane Society, a society which changes the lives of animals each and every day.

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Treat Yourself

Feeling like a treat? You can find Bones & Bonbons online at www.bonesnbonbons.com Keep an eye out for us and our four-legged family members at festivals & events in the Greater Toronto Area such as Woofstock and the Canadian Pet Expo.

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